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Worldpay, Inc. was an American payment processing company and technology provider. In June 2019 it was acquired and merged into Fidelity National Information Services (FIS). Prior to the acquisition, it was headquartered in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. Ohio area. Worldpay (formerly Vantiv), was the largest U.S. merchant acquirer ranked by general-purpose transaction volume.

Vantiv website is awful and tedious, it has log in issues and won't load documents, according to Aaron at

"Their Vantiv website. It's awful. Terrible. The worst. Won't load documents. Won't let you log in or kicks you out. I refused to use it for months and then was told that it had been upgraded. I gave it another try, as I prefer to download documents directly on their Vantiv site since faxing documents to them can be risky."

User "Angel S." writes a negative review on Vantiv on the "Yelp" website on August 13, 2019: "Vantiv / World Pay has never sent me any merchant statements and is refusing to release my statements (since December) to me. Every time I call to request my statements, they keep giving me the runaround or hang up on me; this has happened 4 times already. The last person I spoke to, claimed to have emailed me my statements since May, and when I told her I didn't receive anything. She said, "Oh, you're gonna get it, let me put you on hold while I get the rest of your statements" 15 minutes later, she hung up on me. The lack of statements has caused me to lose several potential buyers for my store. Because I'm unable to present a complete profit and loss."


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Tech Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend anyone working for this company. The supervisors and leads are snakes! Dont trust them with anything they act like they are for you but would spread your personal information around and when your personal business get back to you they act like they never told anyone anything about situation."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company for anyone , they have a lot of preference for people that have been there for a while . And of course call centers are just very messy in general ."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company has a market reputation that is widely acknowledged. Leadership isn't physically present a lot ... direction gets lost in translation. Embrace the tech world to really compete."

Director of National Accounts (Current Employee) says

"4 years ago when the new technology for the chip card readers went into effect was the most rewarding time. The national account I was responsible for got their rates raised with no advanced warning. This was not good and killed the account. This account was supposed to be exempt from this and apparently that was not the case. They lied."

Merchant Services Referral Partner Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Management chain of command is a problem. Company is stagnant due to inability to organize and communicate. Call center is dog-eat-dog at its finest and management are the worst offenders. Don't cross the wrong member of middle management in that dogfight or your head will roll for a minor nuance. Unemployment sided with me.on site cafeteria had good pizzaManagement and leadership"

Fraud Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for low pay, be taken advantage of and lied to on a daily basis then Vantiv is the place for you. They always promote people who know little to nothing about the job they do and upper management is clueless about how badly they are running the company.a paychecksee above"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"In over 30 years in the field this is the worse company I have ever worked for. You never feel like you are getting ahead. One step forward two steps backwards.Remote workVantiv"

Automation Lead (Current Employee) says

"Management treats employees as slaves. No respect to employees. Makes false promises and breaks them at will. Work Life balance is horrible, even management asks employees to work overtime and not pay them."

Dispute Specialist (Current Employee) says

"You can't feel secure when there is cheeper work forces in other countries you train until there is no need for you. Management has no real value for state side labor.nice benefitscan't be secure in who you are to the company"

Cardholder Support (Former Employee) says

"Vantiv treated their employees less than most cattle ranchers do cows. With little to know complete training and non existent support out on the floor, you are set up to fail due to not even having the motivation of being paid fairly for what you do and put up with. The only highlight of vantiv is their benefits package which is decent but not enough to make the rest of it worth it.Benefitseverything else."

Call center (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for this company for over 10 years There is no leadership that cares about any employee as a person, just a thing to make more money or that could be eliminated to save money. Vantiv is only about $$$$$$! They get rid of anyone that has any opinion different than that. Everyone here is looking to get out.Co workerseverything"

Associate Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was one of the many people release from Vantiv due to being in the same time zone as HQ- Cincinnati. They didn't care at all about there employees. Not enough to keep that location open. They also hardly offered any help. There was terrible communication between us and supervisors. Very little help typically offered. Good pay, terrible place!!!payevery thing else"

IT Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Run, this company likes to outsource. Every time you think that you position is safe they cut more and more people.great location"

Enterprise Risk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There was no typical day at work. Some work focused on new vendor reviews; some work was for periodic vendor reviews; some work was going to meetings that were pointless, absurd, and a waste of time. I did learn quite a bit about the payments industry and the inner workings of credit card and debit card processing. Some people will help you learn more about the industry but some people will act arrogant and pompous and will not go to any lengths to help you with the work, a project, contributing meaningfully in a meeting, etc. My direct report was a poor manager. The queen of late and tardy, she could rarely show up on time. Worst of all, when I was late once or twice, she made it an issue in a performance review and interpreted in negatively. This behavior indicated an inability to lead by example. Manager was wrapped up in her own career and her own extracurriculars. Manager burnt the 'candles at both ends' and had little time for the rest of her team or managing. Poor at development within her own team. Manager also missed a lot of work. Also saw other team members leave the company and team during my short time. Manager liked to act like a bigshot. Manager also graduated from a "top" ivy league college but didn't seem that bright. Manager liked to nit-pick on work product but I think this stemmed from her being overly concerned about her image and not about employee development. Most other co-workers were really cool, but a few team members were pompous and arrogant-- even though they had no reason to be. Job was not difficult. Hardest part was sittingcompany is making a lot of money, not much pressure to perform well, great place for those who want a 9-5 job but not much morepoor salary, lack of opportunity for advancement, egos, inconsistent application of firm policies, not many talented people"

Software Quality Assurance Director (Former Employee) says

"This was the most toxic place I have ever worked. They blamed others when their strategy didn't work but never gave it enough time to actually work. They were constantly changing direction and work get rid of people that wanted to improve the work culture."

Business Intelligence & Process Optimization Lead (Former Employee) says

"Vantiv is struggling to find their way. Sales have been fantastic but the back office is a disaster. Management "know-how" is lacking or nonexistent. Recommend looking elsewhere. Local recruiters are no longer supporting Vantiv.PayCulture disaster"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This job is great if you are a grade A suck up, but for the people that attempt to let their hard work show for itself end up being taken advantage of or forgotten. They expect you to work above your job title and not expect anything above your job titleset schedule, easy workbad management, favoritism, unfulfilled promises of advancement"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Where do I begin? The upper management is beyond horrible and they get slightly less awful as is it trickles down. Management only cares when they HAVE to care(fun committee puts together events a few times a year) and half the time they only show a slight interest or none at all. If you go into the company working under Operations you will be amazed by how stupid and lazy majority of the salary employees are. Salary to some means working until the job is done where other salary directors believe their drive from and to Dayton count as them being on the clock. Like being busy? This is the job for you! We are understaffed in majority of the departments which means you'll have a very upset customer EVERY time because they had to wait over 8 minutes while listening to "choppy elevator" hold music. Need assistance? Good luck finding someone in management to assist you! Oh, you found someone? Well guess what? More than likely they don't know their department's process. The leads in Customer Service, Collections and Fraud known their process but the supervisors and directors are beyond clueless. The directors can't even tell you all their clients(only a dozen or so). Are you unethical? This is the job for you! All they ask if you sugar coat the bad with a little "b*s" and don't worry because the client is none the wiser to follow up on their requests. Oh! And when they do, tell them it is being researched. Training? The departments offer 25-35 hours of on the floor side by side training as opposed to the 3 week classroom training because it is too expensive to haveFree parkingUnderstaffed, lack of training, lack of ethics, underpaid"

Bilingual Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"easy to start, learn new procedures every day, wonderful manager nice co-workers, Brakes and lunches was variable every day, and schedule change every four months, like to answer Spanish call and help with information about credit cardsavery day free snacksMercantil Commerce Bank was the worse company to work with it"

Implementation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"In my interviews I was told that there would be extensive training, however, when I came on-board everyone was too busy to follow up. They gave me a binder and told me to read it. The industry was interesting, but there was not much information about how to translate general, global industry info to the work to be done. When I was given accounts, I had coworkers who were to help guide me, but they were always too busy with their own work and told me "you should know how to do project management from your other project management jobs" or "read the binder". Since most of them worked from home, it was difficult to catch them to ask questions. My managers seemed nice, but were never around. Once, I found out (after the fact) that my supervisor had been on travel for a week - the fact that I did not notice a change indicates the level of interaction with the new hire. I was told that Implementation Specialists were primarily Project Managers, but the work was more expediting. A typical day consisted of back to back conference calls through the PC with a headset with groups of either customer implementation teams or internal programmers. There were several process systems on our SharePoint system, none worked with the others and each had its own complexities. Everyone I spoke with gave me different answers about which process to use for each task, and many parts had to be duplicated in each system as there was no integration. There were contradictions between the systems and no one agreed on which took precedence or was the correct system to use for any given projectMostly coworkers were very nicereasonable pay, good cafeteriaCoworkers were unhappy and complained continuously, process systems did not work properly"

Tracy DiFronzo says

"I have been having issues with our online account through accessiq. It has been 4 days and I still have not heard back from someone. They don't have phone numbers listed and ask that you email them. I sent 5 emails and still no one has gotten back to me. I had to call our bank to try and find information and of course the rep from World pay was not helpful at all and I am still in the same situation I have been in since the 12th. I just can't believe that it is this hard to contact someone for support. It is a joke really. I am in the process of finding a different processing company. Poor customer service."

David Ames says

"Pain in the backside. All pubs and restaurants now have apps to order food and drink. I go through the process of entering name, card number, expiry date and cv and still get sent of to worldpay for a £10 bill. I have a worldpay password which is 14 characters long and I'm asked for 3rd, 4th 5th etc. For security reasons I have the password in a passwrd protected file on my phone, so I have to enter that to get the required digits and then go back to the app and enter. The whole thing is a farce for this amount of money in these times. Some online retailers take £100 with none of this nonsense, whilst others send you to WP at random. My wife has a card on the same account. She has never been required to register a password with WP and therfore never has to go through this nonsense for any amount of spend. The whole process is ridiculous and out of date."

H Morris says

"I have recently (15th Sept 2020) tried to make a repeat purchase with an online merchant and found it necessary to update my card details with WorldPay. The Worldpay site does not contain the link or page given in the original message about the transaction failure. Further enquiries on the WorldPay site end up leading the visitor around in circles without getting to the correct destination. A phone number leads to an IVR with no option to talk to a human being - only a recorded message which asks one to quote a 'customer number that is on all correspondence' - but it is not on any of my correspondence from my previous transaction. In short, the WorldPay site is lazy, ill-thought-out and evidently untested. It treats the would-be customer with little short of contempt. I cannot update my card details and so cannot make the purchase I need for my business. Extremely poor. I would give zero stars if I could."

Worldpay Customer says

"Pros: the card machine works. Cons: they continue to charge you for things that are supposed to have been cancelled, tedious customer service system, aggressive when trying to sell you their completely unnecessary 'Safer Payments Plus' PCI compliance service (it takes 5 mins to do it yourself), lock you into long contracts (I wonder why). I will be leaving them as soon as I can."

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